Higher Ground Always Abounding Assemblies Inc.
National Women’s Conference

March 16th thru 18th 2017 in Decatur, AL
Theme: “Intentional Care Unit”

Event Location:
DoubleTree by Hilton
Decatur Riverfront
1101 6th Avenue
Decatur, AL 356601

Keynote Speakers 2017

Thursday Night

Friday Morning

Friday Night

Saturday Morning

Seminar Speakers 2017

Elder Melody Watkins

Lady Victoria Venable

Prophet Vanessa McQueen

Bishop Kenneth Carter

Bishop Elijah Gray, III

Girl Talk

“The Power of Conversation!”

What is Girl Talk?

Girl Talk is a private session that is designed to encourage, motivate, build up, strengthen and aid in the healing process of women/girls who are hurting in one way or another.

Each session is designed to produce a safe and productive atmosphere for women to be healed, delivered and set free. We as individuals are more than our roles, titles and responsibilities. Girl Talk is designed help women discover or rediscover who they are aside from their family, job and/or church role and responsibilities.

Speakers and facilitators are carefully and prayerfully selected to offer information and tools to help each attendee reach their place of empowerment.

All sessions and information shared in each session is TOTALLY confidential and NOTHING is to be shared outside the session.

Why Girl Talk?
Because sometimes we just need a listening ear to hear our heart. Because in the midst of the conversation something could be said to help us where we are or someone else who’s where we’ve been. We overcome by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony.

Dr. Victoria Gray has been hosting Girl Talk Sessions for over a year in cities across the USA and will be bringing the Girl Talk Experience to the Higher Ground Always Abounding Assemblies 2016 National Women’s Conference. She will also be debuting “Man Talk” A Session for Men Only!

Girl Talk Sessions will include

Girl Talk “Pastors and Pastor’s Wives” – For the Lady Pastors and the Pastor’s Wives
Girl Talk “General Session” – For the Married and Divorced Ladies
Girl Talk “Singles” – For the Single Ladies
Introducing… “Man Talk” – For Men Only

I Am My Sister’s Keeper