Girl Talk and Men Talk are private sessions that are designed to encourage, motivate, build up, strengthen and aid in the healing process of women and men who are hurting in one way or another.
Each Session is designed to produce a safe and productive atmosphere for men and women to be healed, delivered and set free. We as individuals are more than our roles, titles and responsibilities. These Talks are designed to help men and women discover or rediscover who they are aside from their family, job and/or church role & responsibilities.

Speakers and facilitators are carefully and prayerfully selected to offer information and tools to help each attendee reach their place of empowerment.

All sessions and information shared in each session is TOTALLY Confidential and NOTHING is to be shared outside the session.

Girl Talk 2023

Pastor Mamie Hunter

Min. Latasha Gray

Pastor Pamela Hayes

Lady Kim Acklin

Man Talk 2023

Bishop Elijah Gray III

Dr. Garey Lewis

Prophet Dale Hopson

Just You Wait And See!,
Isaiah 43:19