Bishop Eric McDaniel


Bishop Eric McDaniel

A fourth-generation preacher and pastor, Bishop McDaniel is the eldest of four children born to the late Bishop Allen and Lady Richardine McDaniel. His wife, Co-Pastor Subrenia is no stranger to the pulpit and is a well sought after preacher in her own right. They are the proud parents of Brittney and Bria who take after their father as golden voiced singers.

Early on it was obvious that there was an anointing for ministry on his life as Bishop McDaniel naturally excelled at music and at the age of thirteen, he became the church organist and choir director. At the age of sixteen, he accepted his call to ministry, and preached his initial sermon.

The cultivation of his musical talents continued as he founded the Bronx Mass Choir in his late teens, which was the earmark to what would become a longtime connection to the gospel music industry.

While he has had the opportunity to preach in venues from small to large and across the United States and internationally, Bishop McDaniel remains consistent in being a down to earth father figure who is highly touchable and takes time to attend to the concerns of his church family, The Lord’s Church in the Bronx NY and The Lord’s Church in Raleigh NC. He credits his success not to the achievement of any of the noteworthy experiences that he has had, but to his commitment to praise and his ability to worship in the most diverse of situations.

Bishop Eric McDaniel is a chosen vessel with a great love for God that is shown through his worship. His drive as a singer pulls at the hearts of God’s people as a call to worship. His command as a preacher brings newfound revelation to God’s word. His ministry is designed to effect perpetual change in the lives of God’s people with the tenured values and teachings of the church. After hearing the celebration of the Word from this modern oracle the listener will be propelled to a new level of destiny through the knowledge of hope and purpose.

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